Sophia Binney Ceramic

- contemporary Slipware -

Sophia completed a three year apprenticeship at a pottery in Ratzeburg near Hamburg/Germany before she moved to Devon/UK to work for several potters learning the craft of 'Slipware Pottery. This traditional way of making pots, the method country potteries in England and France have produced their work for hundreds of years, has since been the main influence on her own work.


From 2004 - 2011 she had produced and sold her own pots from a small studio in Hanbury, a rural village in beautiful Worcestershire.


In 2011 Sophia moved with her furniture making husband and two children back to her native Germany to set up an extensive workshop and gallery in the village of Alt Brenz in Mecklenburg Vorpommern.

'My pots are for living! I believe that beautifully made pots should be used every day. They are a pleasure to use and are made for cooking and serving food as well as to decorate our home.


Through them we could appreciate the simple things in life and remember our heritage.’


All pots dishwasher safe and oven proof.


Sophia is a member of the Worcestershire guild of designer craftsmen and sells her work from her studio gallery and shows in Germany and UK.